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Welcome to TDP!

Welcome to The Digital Pinoy, your online tambayan!

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- SL and forums messed up for the past few days. Should be fixed now. Sorry about that =(
- Registration page has been fixed. Sorry about that. =(
- Server has been crashing a lot lately, so I did some major clean up. 18 month old threads have been deleted, and users who haven't logged in with the past 2 years have also been deleted. Still more work to do...
- We need new mods. So vote for your choice.
- For newbies and not-so-newbies check out this TDP FAQ.

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5.12.2008 - Did some clean up in the OPM Audio links section. It's amazing how some people don't know how to read and follow simple rules (you all know who you are). Read the LinkShare guidelines... and use some common sense.
12.7.2007 - FINAL WARNING! Follow the signature rules as stated here. Most important rules being: maximum size of entire sig 400px X 90px, maximum filesize 300kb. Not following these rules will result in permanently disabled signatures, without warning. If you don't know how to read and follow the rules, then I can't do anything for you. You have been warned.
11.08.2007 - Lots of members are asking me why they can't create a new thread in the forums. The answer is: your credibility must be at least 77.5% to be able to post a new thread.

File Downloads are back! Downloads cost DPhp100 each. Enjoy!
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