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Jun 15, 2009 08:45 pm   Edited : Jun 27, 2012 01:26 pm    


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Death Note
Since Homura's comprehensive TDP Handbook is yet to be completed (as he seems to be inactive already) *EDIT: Homura has officially retired as of Sept. 10, 2009*, I decided to make this FAQ thread to remind everyone of the basic rules/policies implemented here in TDP. As the "Ask the Mods/Admin" thread has already been locked, I figured that this thread would be very beneficial for all members, especially to the newbies who are still getting used to how things are here.

Note: As a number of members have that awful habit of asking over and over again what has already been answered, a few lines in this thread are intentionally stated sarcastically. So, before anyone makes a violent reaction, kindly condition your mind to understand that the sarcasm/s present is/are meant to only exaggerate because apparently, some people just don't get it no matter how simple the answers are.

So, first things first - FORUM GUIDELINES
These can be found at the lowermost part of EVERY thread's page Following ALL of it is very essential in making TDP a better forum for all of us. For the benefit of those lazy enough to scroll down, here's the list:
Forum Guidelines

The following is strictly prohibited in the forums. Don't tell us we didn't warn you...

1. Spamming.
2. Redundant Topics.
3. Questions and Feedback.
4. TXT lingo / Alternate Caps / All caps.
5. Nonsense / Stupid / Baduy / Irrelevant Topics.
6. Consecutive posts.
7. Thread bumping.
Visit this thread to read the full version.

Now that we've reviewed the general rules, let's proceed to the FAQ's.

- Usernames cannot be changed.
- The e-mail address used to register cannot be changed.
- The stats found on your profile (ATK, DEF, INT, DEX, LUK) are technically useless. These were for the supposed TDP Arcade plan that has been put on hold for quite some time now. Some claim that having a high INT and LUK can help you bag rare items, but there is no certainty if this is absolutely true - only Boss bloodredxxx knows.

- TDP's virtual money.
- You can use this to download songs over at LinkShare (DPhp100 per download).
- You can use this to purchase virtual items from the TDP Shop.
- You earn additional DPhp when you post in the forums, sell virtual items, etc.
- Not convertible to real cash.

- These have no real monetary value.
- Some may be equipped to improve your stats, some to boost your EXP and/or Credits, while some are totally useless (technically for display and bragging purposes only).
- You can equip a max of 4 items only, one of each kind - headgear, weapon, shield, accessory.
- You can set 1 as your highlight item - this will be displayed along with your posts.
- You can put these up for sale in the Member's Shop to gain extra DPhp (granted that someone buys them from you)

- A numerical figure with the purpose of controlling the creation of new threads by newbies.
- This figure DOES NOT intend to quantify a user's credibility LITERALLY. Just because you have a 75% credibility doesn't mean you're stupid. Spamming just to raise your cred rating to 100% won't make you smart in real life either.
- Once you earn a credibility rating of 84% and above, it is subject to a daily decrease (part of TDP's system coding - only Boss bloodredxxx can expand on this). Members with credibility rating below 84.0% are not affected with this daily decrease.
- Other possible reasons for credibility rating decrease/drop:
-----> You have post/s on a locked and/or deleted thread
-----> Your post/s got deleted (these are usually one-liner spams, or those that violate TDP rules)

To upload your own custom avatar:
- You need an Avatar Frame - this can be bought at the TDP Shop (DPhp15,000. You can also try the Members' Shop for a cheaper one) or can be received as a randomly generated item.
- Your image must NOT be greater than 80px x 80px in dimension and 50KB in file size.
- Animated images exceeding the said limits will force the uploader to resize the image to the max limits and will only generate the first frame of the image, thus, the avatar uploaded will only be a still image.
- Once an avatar frame is used, you can't change the uploaded image anymore. You will need to buy a new one.

- The max siggy limit is 400px x 90px in dimension and 300KB in file size. The dimension limit covers BOTH TEXTS AND IMAGES, so if you plan to have an "image + lines of text" type of signature, make sure that your siggy image is LESS THAN 90px in height.
- Utilize the [ img ] tag to insert an image to your signature. See "TAGS" below for more explanation.
- For 400px x 90px siggy images, only a ONE-LINER text is tolerated.
- For text-only signatures, maximum limit is about 5-6 lines worth of text.
- Signatures exceeding the said limits will be disabled WITHOUT WARNING, so don't whine when you lose your siggy. It simply means that you violated the rules.
-----> First offense = Disabled signature, you can PM any mod to restore it for you.
-----> Second offense = Signature disabled permanently.

- A gauge found in a member's profile used to literally warn members about violating TDP rules.
- Warning meters may increase or decrease within a given amount of time (unfortunately, this is still under deliberation as the admin and most mods have become inactive).
- Full warning bar (100%) = BAN. 'Nuff said.

- To create a new thread, your credibility rating must be 77.5% - a lot of newbies ask about this even if it is already found in the homepage.
- Threads without properly cited sources are DELETED without any notification. As threadstarter, it is your responsibility to make sure that credits are given to whom/where it is due. Mods do not need to remind you of that.
- Duplicate threads are always subject to thread lock (and probably deletion, too).
- For a list of which threads you shouldn't make, see Prohibited Threads/Topics

- These are codes in brackets [ ] used within the forums, [ / ] closes the tags you use.
- NEVER EVER forget to CLOSE TAGS when you use them since they disrupt the page codes of TDP.
- Some tags you can use in TDP (but remove ALL the spaces):
- [ b ]your text here[ /b ] = boldface [ i ]your text here[ /i ] = italics
- [ color="color of your choice" ]your text here[ /color ] = to change font color
- [ url="http://www.mywebsite.com" ]Webpage Name[ /url ] = to insert a link to "Webpage Name"
- [ img ]"http://www.mypic.com/pic.jpg"[ /img ] = to insert an image
NOTE: Max image attachment on posts is 500px x 500px. Posts with images beyond that limit will be deleted. Visit this thread for more information.

- The semi-chatroom of TDP.
- See ShoutLite Etiquette for the SL guidelines.
- If you intend to post images in the SL, limit them to 100px x 100px. If you can't scale them to that size, simply provide the link - no need to attach the image itself.

- Smiley codes can be found here. You can use them in both the forums and SL.
- Smileys from other websites can be used as well. Simply use the [ img ] tag, but make sure that these don't exceed 100px x 100px as well.

- Red font and All Caps are limited to one sentence per paragraph.
- Yellow font is strictly prohibited.
- See Rules on Fonts for complete details.

Mods do overlook a number of offenses at times - after all, mods have real lives too, and can't be online 24/7 to attend to everything here. So if you do encounter any offenders, simply PM any mod about it so that actions can be taken accordingly. Consider it as a little way of helping to make TDP a better cyber-community for all of us. Because to be honest, TDP's current state is just depressing. This was not the TDP that made me want to be an active member.

Here's a list of the Admin/Mods:
- bloodredxxx(Administrator and Site Owner)

- cr4zy_j3p
- Homura (*officially retired Sept. 10, 2009*)
- liquid_angel
- adamantiumX
- symbian74
- rogelio (*officially resigned Sept. 10, 2009*)
- change
- gemron
- Deathgod
- PiggyPiggy
- kawaiitenshi
- supermanny452
- blue_sapphire
- wenong

Blue moderators can delete/edit threads and posts, edit profiles (members), modify links and lyrics (LinkShare), disable/re-enable sigs, disable accounts, and edit authorization level. (Taken from adamantiumX's post here, with some slight modifications)

- Allan
- brodavid
- deville

Green Mods have only a slight edge over the regular members. They cannot delete or lock a thread, cannot edit a thread's title and description, and cannot modify all profile features of a member. They have been tasked to moderate the LinkShare and the HotSeat. (Taken from brodavid's post here, with some slight modifications)

(Fellow mods: If I missed anyone, do kindly edit my post and add them. Thanks.)

If there are any FAQ's that I might've missed, do PM me directly about it and I'll just add them here. I'm locking this thread to avoid any unnecessary spam from members who do not bother in using their brains and just post senseless trash like there's no tomorrow. Should you have any concerns, just PM me directly, and I'll get back at you as soon as I get to read them. Thanks.

Thank you for taking time to read this thread. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Special thanks to bagong_member for helping out with the mods list (I honestly have no idea if I missed any).

***07.23.09 Update***
- Added the difference between blue and green moderators (taken from the "Ask the Mods/Admin" thread).

***09.12.09 Update***
- Listed Homura's and rogelio's official retirement/resignation from modship.

***09.14.09 Update*** by bloodredxxx
- Listed supermanny452's movement from Green mod to Blue mod. Good luck!

***06.06.10 Update***
- Listed promotions to Blue mod of blue_sapphire, scudi, and wenong. Congratulations!

***09.02.10 Update*** by scudi
- Added Rules on Fonts.

***05.31.11 Update***
- Listed scudi's relinquishment of modship

***07.20.11 Update*** by scudi
- scudi is back as mod


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